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The selection of locations for transhipment centres and distribution warehouses is currently made based on a host of factors and with a view to a period of use of 15 years or more. However, the requirements placed on hubs are changing increasingly rapidly in these times of volatile markets and global goods flows, meaning that not just the structure of the hubs, but also the initially selected location can be called into question after just a few years. (Source: Fraunhofer Institute IML)

The warehouse (hub) of the future

A relocatable transhipment centre must therefore adjust easily to changing requirements and should be up and running again within just a few weeks.

Are you looking for a new production site within a short period of time and wish to bring a material flow system with you? Previously this was barely conceivable, however the Hub2Move joint project has managed to create an efficient, effective and configurable material flow system, which follows the model of a moveable warehouse and fulfils the current requirement with regard to variability in the area of logistics.

The Hub2Move project, a joint initiative of the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr in which Logata Digital Solutions and Lanfer Automation GmbH & Co. KG were involved (both subsidiaries of LB GmbH), follows the model of a moveable warehouse. Hub2Move allows functional elements of the physical goods flow to adjust easily to changing requirements or to be shifted to a location that is better suited to the fulfilment of their function.

The objective of Hub2Move is to increase the flexibility and efficiency of the provision of logistics services for the physical goods flow.

Logata Digital Solutions GmbH as project partner

Within the scope of the research project, Logata Digital Solutions GmbH took care of the software development for an intelligent transport order management system. Furthermore, the developed software is coupled with the Business App Store for Logistics, the logistics mall, and allows the apps to communicate with one another on an inter-manufacturer basis. The logistics mall offers variable business processes in the form of apps.

The environmental factor:

Logistics and the preservation of the environment and resources – how do they go together? In the case of Hub2Move, the most cutting edge technologies are used, which also focus on protecting the environment and resources. Thanks to the ability to relocate to the respective current point of use, energy-intensive goods transport is a thing of the past, thus promoting the sustainability of the environment and resources.