Successful audit within the WM GROUP in accordance with new ISO standards

Just a year after the publication of the new ISO norms, 9001:2015 (Quality Management) and 14001:2015 (Environmental Management), WM GROUP GmbH has managed to successfully certify its integrated management system on the basis of the new requirements. During a one-week recertification audit in September, both the longstanding management system and its adjustments to comply with the new requirements were put through their paces by two external auditors. As such, the WM GROUP was able to prove that its quality and environmental management system is alive and well and has managed to adjust to the new regulations within the shortest period of time. In particular, the more marked strategic focus of the system has been better linked to the integrated system by means of a risk-oriented assessment approach. With the switchover to the new standard, the system deployed within the WM GROUP as a whole has made a major step in the right direction – not only for the quality and environment team, but also for every individual employee.