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Fulfilment for e-commerce

The digital transformation is shaping our lives in many ways. Young and old, students and families, employers and employees are all getting to grips with new technologies. The procurement of consumer goods has been revolutionised by technological advances. Online shopping makes it possible for us to order a whole variety of products through the internet and have them conveniently delivered to us at home.

Through our customers we are well-acquainted with the demands and challenges of online trading. Late cut-off times, delivery to private customers and handling bulky goods all shape our day-to-day business. The array of products we deal with ranges from washers to doors and door frames, from tobacco products and luxury foods to tiles, from sanitary products to electronics and computers. As you can see, there is no limit to our diversity.

We offer you customised e-commerce logistics solutions which grow flexibly and individually to accommodate your requirements.

The WM GROUP works with automated conveyor systems and EDP inventory management technology. Automation and the use of individualised packaging and skilled transportation management enable punctual and trouble-free delivery to the end customer. In order to satisfy customer-specific requirements, we offer a wide range of value added services.

Our service package is rounded off by our customized returns management offering. We take care of collecting, evaluating, recording and responding to individual product returns quickly and simply and in line with any specific instructions from you.

We offer e-commerce fulfilment as a comprehensive and care-free package.

Our e-commerce services:

  • Standardised shop connection
  • Online shop development
  • Cross docking e.g. for fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Goods receipt incl. QA inspection and reporting
  • Order picking and packing
  • Handling bulky goods
  • Customized warehousing strategies (warehouse goods from production, end customer order-related goods, commercial goods)
  • Individualised packaging
  • Late cut-off times
  • Delivery to private customers possible via all standard CEP service providers
  • Global shipping
  • Returns management in accordance with customer-specific requirements
  • Value added services (e.g. packing, labelling, display building)
  • Detailed reporting options

Your personal contact:

Michael Vercoulen
+49 2871 289 100