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Contract logistics for wines & champagnes

Since 2014 the WM Group has been responsible for logistics at one of the world’s leading champagne producers.

Storing and handling champagne is very different from other goods which are stored at the Bocholt location. Site adaptations, as desired by the customer, were developed together and then implemented: the design of the warehouse, the construction, the available storage areas and, of course, the flexible supply of skilled staff to handle the highly seasonal champagne trade.

A five-person project team, consisting of specialists from logistics and IT, developed the new customer business in collaboration with our client and were there to offer support throughout the process. This enabled the project to be implemented in the shortest possible time; from the initial phase in May 2014 up to the first shipment in July 2014.

The WM GROUP gives you more than the standard offering

Flexible, individualised concepts, like those for the champagne producer, are simply second nature for the WM GROUP and constitute exactly the kinds of challenges the company relishes. Our capabilities and our concepts were crucial decision-making factors for those customers who have chosen to work with us.

As a medium-sized company, the WM GROUP places a great emphasis on direct contact with the customer. This means we have quickly developed an instinct for what is important and where we can support our customers.

Renovation for optimum storage conditions

The aforementioned flexibility is also reflected in the site adaptations undertaken to meet the desired conditions. The picking area for the customer has been partitioned from the rest of the warehouse and the storage areas in the high bays have also been separated.

The reason: even during storage and transportation, champagne requires specific climatic conditions in order to guarantee a consistent high quality.

Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored by an integrated control system. If the values deviate from thresholds specified by the client, a centrally controlled warning system reports this immediately. Whatever time it is, a member of staff is informed of the problem via their mobile phone so that corrective action can be taken as swiftly as possible.

Alongside the climatic conditions, it was necessary to implement additional measures for handling this luxury product.

Most importantly, in this regard, was the special training of staff working in the warehouse to deal with fragile goods. Even those products allocated for shipping are subject to particular quality requirements.

This is a premium product where the customer expects the highest quality from the moment the goods are received. Each box is monitored closely before shipping and carefully packed to protect against external influences during transportation. Visual perception plays a crucial role here alongside the functionality of the packaging.

Since the champagne trade is subject to the tax on sparkling wines and must comply with extensive quality assurance measures, there are additional requirements here too which must be met by the WM GROUP.

If a bottle is broken, we are instructed to retain the neck of the bottle and to report and document the damage appropriately. The bottle neck may only be disposed of once customs have authorised this.

Services for wine and champagne producers

  • Climate controlled warehouse logistics using the latest technology
  • Quality control
  • Commissioning
  • Display building
  • Packing of sales entities or sets
  • Repacking and packing operations
  • Contract packaging
  • Labelling, identification
  • Blister packing of sales items
  • B2B and B2C transport process
  • Promotional campaign logistics
  • Returns management

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