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Contract logistics for tobacco products

The WM GROUP is your experienced and capable logistics partner for high-quality consumer goods.

From producing their own tobacco for cigarillos to high-quality cigars – the tobacco produced and distributed by our customer is always of the highest quality. In order to guarantee the consumer an equivalent taste experience, the most stringent quality standards also apply along the entire production chain – standards which the WM GROUP fulfils day after day at the Velpe location.

Tobacco – a climate control challenge

The raw material tobacco is extremely delicate, as are the products manufactured from it. The environment in which the products are stored must not be too warm, nor too dry but nor should it be too damp. The desired aroma must be preserved and the product must be prevented from deteriorating – a real challenge which we have resolved together with our customer. Specifically, this means: a large section of the warehouse and commissioning area at the Velpe location is an enormous humidor which keeps both temperature and humidity stable and in the optimum range.

As early as 2004 a great deal of work was done together with the client to equip the relevant area with appropriate air-conditioning technology and this was extended once more in 2013.

From Velpe out into the world

The tobacco products which are produced in Germany and stored and processed at Velpe then go out from here to distributors all over the world. But even the number of picks relating to domestic trade is impressive. Customers order their products one day and the next day they are already delivered!

Our services for the tobacco industry:

  • Climate controlled warehouse logistics using the latest technology
  • Monitoring and calibration of humidity
  • Quality control
  • Commissioning
  • Display building
  • Packing of sales entities or sets
  • Repacking and packing operations
  • Contract packaging
  • Labelling, identification
  • Blister packing of sales items
  • B2B and B2C transport process
  • Promotional campaign logistics
  • Returns management

Your personal contact:

Michael Vercoulen
+49 2871 289 100