About us

The WM GROUP logistics company is the nucleus of LB GmbH. LB stands for ‘Löhr Beteiligungen’, a family business now in its 3rd generation. In 2010, the various competencies of the independent IT, Production, Media, Holdings and Logistics divisions were combined.
We believe that it doesn’t take much to give everything. Four core values, the values of the Löhr family, guide our everyday business activites. Four core values which we consider to be the recipe for our mutual success and guarantee of a stronger, future-oriented partnership and bond between everyone in the company.

  • Trust – in ourselves and others.
    The basis of every relationship. For us, it forms the basis of our business activities.
  • Passion – in everything we do.
    The driver and result of constant curiosity and willingness to change. For us, it is the burning desire to grow and improve with every day.
  • Self-responsibility – in every aspect of our own actions.
    The prerequisite for freedom. For us, it is the key to real organisational readiness.
  • Modesty – in mind and appearance.
    This firstly allows achievements to be appreciated in full. For us, it forms the basis for constant growth and further development.
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